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Deserving Families

We know and value the importance of family, and understand all the varieties they come in! Every holiday season we accept nominations for deserving families who are in need of a family portrait update.

We know there can be many obstacles, expenses and even hardships during the holiday season. Because of this, we have created an annual holiday portrait giveaway for a deserving family who would love a new family portrait but might not be in a position to commission one.

Our portrait giveaway includes studio sitting fees, an 11×14 canvas, two 8×10 prints, six 4×6 prints and eight wallets. Nominate a neighbor, friend, family member, or even yourself. We will be accepting nominations for the 2019 holiday season beginning after Thanksgiving. If you’d like more information in the interim, please feel free to contact us directly!


House of the Pines 4-H